Shiv Giri

The Second largest statue of Lord Shiva in India

Lord Shiva statue in India

Lord Shiva Statue is an 85 feet tall Shiva Statue that has been installed by the T.K. Patil Banakatti Charitable Trust in Bijapur at Shivapur on Sindagi Road. It is a pilgrimage location. 1,500 tonnes statue of Lord Shiva is considered as the second largest statue of Lord Shiva in India and the third biggest statue of Lord Shiva (Fourth tallest statue of Lord Shiva in world) in the country and this statue was prepared by sculptors from Shimoga for above 13 months plus the civilian design was supplied by Bangalore-situated architects.

Basanta Vana is an 85 ft tall idol of Lord Shiva that is made of cement and steel. Counted among the tallest idols of Lord Shiva, it is situated around 3 km from Bijapur City on the Ukkali Road in the village of Rambapur. It was unveiled on 26 February 2006 on the day of Shivarathri. It was designed by the civil engineers of Bangalore and was built by the sculptors of Shimoga. Beneath the statue, a small Shiva Linga has been placed. A small idol of Shiva will be installed beneath the big statue. Besides, the “Shiva Charite” will be engraved on the inside walls of temple in Kannada to help devotees learn the mythological stories related to Shiva. The trust wants to make it a major pilgrimage centre.

What is making it a place of public interest is the series of charity work the trust has taken up there. An old age home on this 18-acre sprawling premises named as Basant Van which would accommodate 52 members.