Sajjada Mushrif as new mayor and Anand Dhumale as Deputy Mayor

After the Bijapur municipality became a corporation, Mayoral elections are being held for the first time .
Mayor Sajjada Mushrif secured 19 votes, while Deputy Mayor Anand Dhumale won 21 votes.
According to the results announced on Tuesday, Congress corporator Sajjada Mushrif to become Mayor and Anand Dhumale of the BJP as Deputy Mayor of Bijapur Municipal Corporation. During the elections, Mr. Mushrif, with the help of the Janata Dal(S), two independents and one each member of Nationalist Congress Party and the Karnataka Janata Party, became Mayor, securing 19 votes.
Madivalappa Sajjan, his nearest rival, could get only seven votes; interestingly eight of his own party members were absent and did not vote for Mr. Sajjan who was the BJP’s official candidate.
The post of the Mayor is reserved for Category 2(A).
The Deputy Mayor post went to Mr. Dhumale who secured 21 votes, including 12 from the Congress. Interestingly, none of the BJP members voted for him. While 10 members of the Congress and two MLAs voted for the BJP candidate, none of the BJP candidates, including Mr. Dhumale, voted for the Congress candidate.
The corporation has 35 members, of which 13 are from the BJP, 10 from the Congress, eight from the Janata Dal(S),
one each from the Nationalist Congress Party and the Karnataka Janata Party and two independents. The MP and two MLAs too have voting power. While two MLAs from the Congress Makbul Bagwan and Raju Algur voted, BJP MP Ramesh Jigajinagi remained absent.