Malik e Maidan


Malik e Maidan, literally translated as “monarch of the plains” or “Lord of the Battlefield” is a huge cannon
located on the top of the tower lying in the precinct of the Bijapur Fort.
It was erected by Ibrahim Adil Shah II and is now located in the fort on its western ramparts between two bastions.

The Malik e Maidan also known as the Burj-E-Sherz is said to be the largest weapon ever built in medieval times.
The muzzle of the cannon has been fashioned into the shape of a lion head with open jaws, and between the jaws are inscribed elephants to make it look like the lion is devouring the elephant .It is made of a cast of alloy of copper, iron and tin. The interesting thing about the cannon is that its surface does not get hot even under the blazing sun and when struck sounds like a bell.

The outside surface of the cannon is dark green and polished like glass with numerous inscriptions
in Arabic and Persian.
An inscription on the cannon about its creation states that it was built by Muhammad-bin-Hasan Rumi,
a Turkish officer in the service of the king of Ahmednagar in the year 1549.
Another inscprition inscribed on King Auranzeb’s command says that the Bijapur had been taken and
the gun subdued by the emperor in 1686 .
When the fort of Parnadah where this gun was installed, fell into hands of Bijapur,
General Murari Pandit brought the gun to Bijapur as a trophy of war and set it up on the present bastion.

The cannon was setup at its present location with the help of 10 elephants,
400 oxen and hundreds of soldiers.
The marvel weighs about 55 tons, is 8.5 metres long and 1.5 metres in diameter.
Legend also has it that if you touch the gun and make a wish, it will come true.