First unit of Kudgi plant’s to start generation of Power in June 2016

Kudgi Power Plant

Out of the three units, The first unit of National Thermal Power Corporation’s (NTPC) plant coming up here is expected to start generating 800 MW of power from June 2016. The other two units, with a capacity of 800 MW each, will start generation in the interval of six months of each other after the commissioning of the first unit. The total capacity of the project is 4,000 MW and in the first phase, 2,400 MW of power would be generated for which 13 million tonnes of coal is required  annually.

The first phase of the plant is expected generate around 10,000 tonnes of ash every day, which would be sold to cement and brick manufacturing companies. NTPC had set aside Rs. 56 crore for relief and rehabilitation of farmers who have given their land for the project.