Almatti Dam influx started on Wednesday

almatti dam

Almatti: The first influx of Almatti Dam started on Wednesday. Whether or not the anxiety that comes quite far from the water. Almatti Dam did not turn water into the reservoir level to spend the whole dipped in July 15.
The water comes from the 1548 quantum Dam Wednesday morning. By the evening it had risen to the influx of 20,000 quantum. Dam banaguduttidda inputs without water coming over the fearsome fun. On Wednesday evening Almatti water accumulated in the reservoir for 507.95 m (a maximum height of 519.6 meters). Almatti reservoir has a maximum storage capacity of 123 TMC of water collection, currently holding 19.4 TMC , out of which 1.6 TMC water is available for use. Since 2002, This is the first time since the influx started too late..